General consultation

The consultation is carried out via Zoom (videoconference), by telephone and sometimes in person (on tours outside Canada). It lasts 1 hour and costs two hundred Canadian dollars ($200 CAN) plus applicable taxes (15%).

The cost of in-person consultations outside of Canada are tax free (schedule 2 at the bottom of this page).

During the meeting, the consultant will talk to you about the current immigration systems and programs offered by Canada and will try to clarify any specific questions that you and / or your partner may have in this regard.
The consultant will ask you key and pertinent questions that will allow him to obtain a general image of your immigration profile, your case or your particular situation (it also includes, if applicable, your spouse and your minor children and / or dependents); The consultant will evaluate the viability of your project and will give you his point of view, his recommendations and the possible alternatives, paths or different options that may suit your situation and your objectives.


Before proceeding with the reservation of your appointment for a general consultation, we ask you to read below and take into account the statement “Conditions” (Change of appointment and / or cancellation policy – communications). Print this page if necessary.

1) At the bottom of this page you will find 2 availability calendars: Calendar 1 for appointments made by videoconference (Zoom). Calendar 2 for appointments made in person with the consultant during events or one-time visits outside of Canada. Select the appropriate calendar and a date/time for your appointment.

2) Enter your data and follow the instructions to make your payment via the secure Paypal platform and thus complete the operation. In the same Paypal link you can, if you wish, make your payment by credit card without having or creating a Paypal account.

3) You will receive an email with the confirmation of your appointment and a link through which we will ask you to download and print a document in pdf format called “Agreement for general consultation”. We will ask you to  sign and send us back this document at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.


Pursuant to Section 91 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act of Canada, we feel it is important to make you aware that the only persons who may offer immigration assistance, consultation and/or advisory services in exchange for any form of compensation or benefit are Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCIC) members of the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants of Canada (CICC), lawyers who are members in good standing of a provincial bar association in Canada, or notaries in Quebec.

We suggest you to be very careful with famous ”Agencies” or ”schools representative agents” generally established in countries outside Canada, that in exchange for booking with them a study program, offer you ”free” help and assitance on your immigration paperwork and application without being people trained in Canadian immigration and much less authorized by the Canadian government. Canadian law recognizes this practice as an illegal act and in Canada the penalties can range from significant fines to imprisonment. Our best recommendation is, avoid entrusting your life project to inexperienced people.!

Vincenzo Bisignano, Director of ImmigraPro and Elise Michaud are Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCIC) and active members of the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants of Canada (CICC) under the numbers R515513 and R510034 respectively. They are also Consultants recognized by the Ministry of Immigration, Frenchisation and Integration of Quebec (MIFI) numbers 11725 and 11549 which also allows them, according to the law, to offer advisory services and represent clients in their procedures when the intention it may also be to settle in the province of Quebec.  

Check our status here on the website of the College of Immigration Consultants of Canada, the only official regulatory body for consultants in Canada. Enter the above mentioned numbers.

Both Vincenzo Bisignano and Elise Michaud are also Oath Commissioners for Quebec and outside Quebec under numbers 220858 and 220858 (licenses issued by the Quebec’s Ministry of Justice).

We are pleased to be able to guarantee our clients a service of consultation, advice, and representation at the highest level in terms of reliability, efficiency, and confidentiality.


Change of appointment and / or cancellation policy:

• Change of appointment: You can change your appointment one (1) time free of charge as long as you do it through the system with a maximum of 24 hours in advance. In case of changing your appointment within this period or if you have not been able to attend it, the consultant will be obliged to invoice you an amount of seventy-five Canadian dollars ($ 75) for administrative expenses. Once you have selected a new appointment in the system, you will receive an email with a link so that you can make your compensatory payment before you can make your inquiry.
• Cancellation: In case of definitive cancellation of your appointment, the consultant will be obliged to withhold from his initial payment, an amount of seventy-five Canadian dollars ($ 75) for administrative expenses. Your cancellation request will be processed within 10 business days after canceling your appointment in the system. The commission percentage withheld by PayPal will also be deducted from you. You will thus receive a refund via PayPal for the amount corresponding to the difference. A receipt of payment will be sent to you by the consultant.
• Communications: We ask you to please ensure that you have a good quality Internet or telephone signal. Here in Canada these services are extremely reliable. We cannot therefore be held responsible for difficulties in listening, interruptions or technical failures that may occur during communication. There will be no refund or recovery of lost time if this type of situation should occur. Our cancellation policy may however be applied.


The ImmigraPro team

Booking schedule 1

Schedule Appointment

Online meeting (Zoom) with Vincenzo Bisignano Castillo

Booking schedule 2

Schedule Appointment

Booking calendar to schedule your appointment with Vincenzo Bisignano Castillo at:

Bogota, Colombia Scheduled dates February 5-6-7-8, 2023 and March 2-3-4-5, 2023

Note: After selecting the date/time and make your payment, the system will send you two emails: one with the confirmation of your reservation and the other with your receipt.

Meeting Place: The name and address of the hotel where you will meet with the consultant will be confirmed to you a little later (5 business days prior to the day of your appointment).

Consulta General con ImmigraPro Canada Inc

Before proceeding to the reservation of your appointment for a general consultation, please read below and take into account the "Conditions" (Policy of appointment change and / or cancellation - communications). Print this page if necessary.