• Recruitment of skilled workers.
  • Legal assistance in canadian immigration.
  • Relocation and welcome service.


ImmigraPro Canada is a firm specialized in the recruitment of talented and qualified workers of Hispanic, Latin American and European origin. We recruit in Canada and abroad; especially in Latin America, Mexico and countries such as Spain, France and Italy.

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Through a general consultation, our team can assist you in any need related to your immigration project. We can clarify your doubts about the immigration programs offered by Canada.

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General consultation

It is done by Zoom. It lasts 60 minutes and costs two hundred Canadian dollars (CAN $ 200) plus applicable taxes.

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Immigration profile assessment

Through the evaluation we will identify which immigration program (s) may be eligible, either to come to study, work, visit or establish permanently. This evaluation is made based on the analysis of the information you provide.

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By registering in our database you will be able to participate in future selection processes and be part of our virtual showcase where Canadian employers can consult your profile.



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Studying in Canada

Did you know that having the financial capacity to come to study in Canada would be you and / or your children giving you the chance to rebuild your life in this country?

Working in Canada

Analyzed in detail your professional profile and your personal situation, we will determine the options and immigration programs that may be considered viable for you.

Success stories



We are a german family of five currently on a work permit in Quebec Canada. ImmigraPro and of course our employer made this possible. We have used ImmigraPro from the beginning and have been satisfied with the results and their performance since day one. All the paperwork was always up-to-date and always correctly in order.

—Marco Meyer and family

I met Vincenzo a few months after arriving in Canada and he played a decisive role in my professional integration. I spoke very little French and the effect he speaks also Portuguese was for me, great help. Vincenzo is a super caring professional, committed and supportive and gives everything he needs to support newcomers.

—Cassia Nogueira

Enzo and Elise are the best consultants there are, they took me by the hand throughout the process of my visa, they were always on the lookout and informed me of how my procedure was going. They have a lot of patience and they always explained to me in detail how everything was going to be carried out and the plan that best suited me to come to Canada.

—Fernanda Coindreau

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