Immigration profile assessment


The purpose of the “profile assessment” is to confirm under which immigration program (s) you may be eligible to come to study, work, visit or settle permanently in Canada.

This evaluation is usually carried out in a second stage and ideally after having had at least a first 1-hour meeting with the consultant under what we call a “general consultation”. If you have not yet made a general inquiry, we recommend that you do so. Starting with a general consultation could be, not only a cheaper formula, but also an excellent opportunity to allow us to listen to you, give you our best advice, recommendations and clarify any questions you may have, before moving on to this second stage, in fact more elaborate.


This evaluation is made from the analysis of the information and statements previously provided by you through the questionnaire that the system will send you once you have scheduled this appointment. The meeting will be held through Zoom, Skype or by phone and will last a maximum of 90 minutes. The cost of the evaluation is two hundred and fifty Canadian dollars (CAN $ 250) plus taxes (15%) applicable in Canada. In certain cases, this amount could be credited to you with the signing of your contract.

If the consultant reaches the conclusion that your immigration project to Canada is viable, he will make a verbal proposal at the end of the meeting to take care of the assembly of your file and represent you in front of the Canadian government throughout the process. If you accept this proposal, the consultant will send you a few days later the representation contract with all the details of the service. Said document will clearly indicate: the scope and type of work to be performed, the clauses and conditions that will govern the provision of the service, the professional fees of the consultant, and the payments that must be made directly to the government. This contract must be signed by both parties before starting work.

Duly translated copies (in English or French) of your diplomas, study notes, proof of financial statements, birth certificate, marriage / divorce certificate, criminal / court records, property ownership documents, curriculum vitae, as well as other personal documents may be requested.

The estimated times to complete each of the stages of the process will be indicated by the consultant in the representation contract.


Before proceeding to book your appointment, we ask you to read below and take into account the statement “Conditions” (Change of appointment and / or cancellation policy – communications). Print this page if necessary.

  1. At the bottom of this page you will find our availability calendar; Select a date / time for your appointment.
  2. Enter your data and follow the instructions to make your payment via the secure Paypal platform and thus complete the operation. In the same Paypal link you can, if you wish, make your payment by credit card without having or creating a Paypal account.
  3. Finish the operation and verify your email.
  4. The system will automatically send you an email confirming your appointment and indicating the steps to follow to download and print two (2) documents in PDF format; the “evaluation questionnaire” and the “authorization document” that you will need to complete, sign, scan and email us at least 24 hours before your appointment.


In compliance with Article 91 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act of Canada, only immigration consultants who are members of the Regulatory Council of Immigration Consultants of Canada (CRCIC), lawyers in good standing of the Canadian Bar Association or Quebec notaries can offer immigration consultations and / or advice in exchange for compensation.

Vincenzo Bisignano and Elise Michaud are Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (CRIC) and active members of the Regulatory Council for Immigration Consultants of Canada (CRCIC) under the numbers R515513 and R510034 respectively. They are also Consultants recognized by the Ministry of Immigration of Francization and Integration of Quebec (MIFI) numbers 11725 and 11549 which also allows them, according to the law, to offer advisory services and represent clients in their procedures when the intention may be to settle in the province of Quebec.


Check our status here ICCRC.

Both, Vincenzo and Elise are also Oath Commissioners for Quebec and outside of Quebec under the numbers 280858 and 220858 (licenses issued by the Quebec Ministry of Justice).

In this way, we are pleased to be able to guarantee our clients a legal representation service of the highest level in terms of reliability, efficiency and confidentiality.


Change of appointment and / or cancellation policy:

  • Change of appointment: You can change one (1) time your appointment without charge as long as you do it through the system with a maximum of 24 hours in advance. In case of changing your appointment within this period or of not having been able to attend it, the consultant will be obliged to invoice you an amount of seventy-five dollars (75 $) Canadian for administrative expenses. Once you have selected a new appointment in the system, you will receive an email with a link so that you can make this compensatory payment before you can make your inquiry.
  • Cancellation: In case of canceling your appointment, the consultant will be required to withhold from your initial payment, an amount of seventy-five dollars ($ 75) Canadian administrative costs. Your request for cancellation will be treated 2 to 3 business days after you have canceled your appointment in the system. The commission percentage retained by PayPal will also be deducted. You will receive a refund via PayPal for the amount corresponding to the difference. A payment receipt will be sent to you by the consultant.
  • Communication: We ask you to please make sure you have a good quality internet or telephone signal. Here in Canada these services are extremely reliable. We can not therefore be responsible for difficulties in listening, interruptions or technical failures that may occur during communication. There will be no refund for lost time if this type of situation should occur. Our cancellation policy may however be applied.
Evaluación del perfil migratorio ImmigraPro Canada Inc

Before proceeding to book your appointment, please read below and take into account the "Conditions" (Policy of appointment change and / or cancellation - communications). Print this page if necessary.