Marco Meyer and family

We are a german family of five currently on a work permit in Quebec Canada. ImmigraPro and of course our employer made this possible. We have used ImmigraPro from the beginning and have been satisfied with the results and their performance since day one. All the paperwork was always up-to-date and always correctly in order.

The day we arrived in Quebec, we had a fantastic welcome at the airport. We used their services for one full week and we were treated very professionally. All our needed registrations and paperwork was done with them present and we were driven by them to needed offices in person. Since Quebec is mainly french-speaking, they also acted as our translators. All our needs were taken care of during this one week.

Everything was taken care of. Even the school registrations for our kids. In the future we will carry on using their services for our Permanent Residence applications. We recommend the use of ImmigraPro. A very big thank you to Enzo Castillo and Elise Michaud.