Simón Malavé

Good day, I pass by here to tell my experience. With our permanent residence in hand, 4 suitcases and with the aim of improving our quality of life in Canada, I left Venezuela in February 2017 with my wife and my little son. I contacted Mr. Enzo through one of his social media posts, in which he mentioned that he was looking for an engineer. I sent him my CV immediately. I confess that I did not know anything about him or his work, I just let myself be guided by my intuition. After a few days, he contacted me by phone and gave me some recommendations to improve the CV.

Then he proposed to meet me personally and I was able to explain in more detail about my professional profile and my work experience. Some time later, he told me about a job opportunity in my area in a company with which he has an agreement. I prepared the best I could and thanks to him I attended my first interview. The process consisted of three stages, in which I received continuous advice and important recommendations from Mr. Enzo, thus achieving success in each of them. The company hired me and today, fourteen months later, I can say that I am very happy, I feel valued in this company in which I have grown a lot professionally, and where I hope to continue working for much longer. Likewise, Mr. Enzo gave me support to establish myself with my family in a good neighborhood very quiet and familiar in the city where I work today.

He also presented us with his contacts for the search of daycare for my son and put us in touch with very valuable people who know him well in the main help centers for recently arrived immigrants, in order to continue being guided in the important process of socio-cultural integration to this society. Very grateful for his work, which was a great support in this hard process to start from scratch. I can thus affirm that Mr. Enzo, not only has a solid experience in the field of job search but also is an honest person with great human qualities. Blessings and success!

Simón Malavé – Mechanical Engineer (Venezuela)
Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC. Glen.