Sucess Stories

Marco Meyer and family

We are a german family of five currently on a work permit in Quebec Canada. ImmigraPro and of course our employer made this possible. We have used ImmigraPro from the beginning and have been satisfied with the results and their performance since day one. All the paperwork was always up-to-date and always correctly in order.

The day we arrived in Quebec, we had a fantastic welcome at the airport. We used their services for one full week and we were treated very professionally. All our needed registrations and paperwork was done with them present and we were driven by them to needed offices in person. Since Quebec is mainly french-speaking, they also acted as our translators. All our needs were taken care of during this one week.

Everything was taken care of. Even the school registrations for our kids. In the future we will carry on using their services for our Permanent Residence applications. We recommend the use of ImmigraPro. A very big thank you to Enzo Castillo and Elise Michaud.

Cassia Nogueira

I met Vincenzo a few months after arriving in Canada and he played a decisive role in my professional integration. I spoke very little French and the fact that he speaks also Portuguese was for me, great help. Vincenzo is a super caring professional, committed and supportive and gives everything he needs to support newcomers.

One of the most impressive things I found was that he participated with me in the job interviews, which gave me more confidence to talk to the employers with whom he put me in contact. Moreover, on both occasions when I contacted Vincenzo and when he put me in contact with the company, I was hired on both occasions. I, therefore, recommend Vincenzo and the services of ImmigraPro without hesitation!

Cassia Nogueira (Brazil)
Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC. Canada.

Fernanda Coindreau

Enzo and Elise are the best consultants there are, they took me by the hand throughout the process of my visa, they were always on the lookout and informed me of how my procedure was going. They have a lot of patience and they always explained to me in detail how everything was going to be carried out and the plan that best suited me to come to Canada. Thanks a lot for everything!

Fernanda Coindreau – Student (Mexico)
Quebec city, QC. Glen.

Oscar Jaramillo and Brenda Denisse

Since the first interview we had with ImmigraPro they won our trust, calling them professionals does not compensate their value since they go far beyond being limited to their contractual obligations, my family and I will always be in debt to them since their services opened us completely the doors to Canada, without knowing anything legally take you by the hand until you get the documents required to emigrate, and your host service does the same when you arrive in Canada, leaving you and your family practically installed to start a new life here.

Our experience was very pleasant and the process very simple, and that is, if ImmigraPro specializes in something, it is in taking care of every last detail, they really make you feel at home and it is an honor for us to be able to To say that once the arrival and installation process is finished, we can call them our first friends.

Oscar Jaramillo and Brenda Denisse, Mexico
Montreal, QC. Canada

Eric Costa Diniz and Ana Julia Diniz

Immigration to a new country is not just about documents. It’s much more than that. The pre-arrival planning process to ensure proper setup and adaptation is very important. When we think about it today, we find that we have been fortunate to have had extraordinary support from highly qualified and experienced people offering this type of service. We are very grateful to ImmigraPro and in particular Vincenzo for always guiding and helping us before and after we arrived in Canada.

We settled in our new life and we quickly became integrated thanks to their experienced support and very good advice without which we could have made mistakes. ImmigraPro is definitively a responsible, punctual, organized and highly qualified company offering a wonderful service. To the entire ImmigraPro team, my wife and I would like to extend our sincere thanks for all the care they have taken to support us in this important process of change and adaptation to Canada and our new life.

Eric Costa Diniz and Ana Julia Diniz, Brazil
Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC. Canada

Patrick Picard

We used ImmigraPro’s services to have a high-performance motorcycle mechanic living in Africa. We had a very professional service from Vincenzo. I highly recommend it for you jobs to fill and for the reception of foreign workers.

Patrick Picard
President – Mathias Marine Sport.
St. Mathias on the richelieu. QC., Canada

Simón Malavé

Good day, I pass by here to tell my experience. With our permanent residence in hand, 4 suitcases and with the aim of improving our quality of life in Canada, I left Venezuela in February 2017 with my wife and my little son. I contacted Mr. Enzo through one of his social media posts, in which he mentioned that he was looking for an engineer. I sent him my CV immediately. I confess that I did not know anything about him or his work, I just let myself be guided by my intuition. After a few days, he contacted me by phone and gave me some recommendations to improve the CV.

Then he proposed to meet me personally and I was able to explain in more detail about my professional profile and my work experience. Some time later, he told me about a job opportunity in my area in a company with which he has an agreement. I prepared the best I could and thanks to him I attended my first interview. The process consisted of three stages, in which I received continuous advice and important recommendations from Mr. Enzo, thus achieving success in each of them. The company hired me and today, fourteen months later, I can say that I am very happy, I feel valued in this company in which I have grown a lot professionally, and where I hope to continue working for much longer. Likewise, Mr. Enzo gave me support to establish myself with my family in a good neighborhood very quiet and familiar in the city where I work today.

He also presented us with his contacts for the search of daycare for my son and put us in touch with very valuable people who know him well in the main help centers for recently arrived immigrants, in order to continue being guided in the important process of socio-cultural integration to this society. Very grateful for his work, which was a great support in this hard process to start from scratch. I can thus affirm that Mr. Enzo, not only has a solid experience in the field of job search but also is an honest person with great human qualities. Blessings and success!

Simón Malavé – Mechanical Engineer (Venezuela)
Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC. Glen.